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About Michele

On the business side -

Michele is an expert Events Director and Manager with over 13 years of experience in full-scale events management in fast-paced and dynamic environments, specializing in innovative vision creating, production, and execution. Adept in strategic decision-making across all stages of the event planning process, with expertise in large-scale staff management.  

On the personal side - 

Michele is a dog mom to a Shih Tzu named Coco - it's Coco's world, she just lives in it. Michele loves to travel and is looking forward to more adventures for business and pleasure. As a quintessential Aries, Michele is driven, honest, and a bit fiery - hence the red hair. She also loves Taco Tuesdays, white wine, and a good book.  

The story behind the name - 

Rose, Michele's grandma, was a very independent and headstrong woman. Michele was her only grandchild so they had a special bond and she was very lucky to have her in her life for over 32 years. In honor of her 'Gram' and her same independent and headstrong attitude, Rose Gold was born.   

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